Dia De Las Madres

My mother-in-law Martha has a special Mother’s Day card tucked away for safekeeping. She bought it many years ago for her birth mother she hadn’t seen in 66 years. Martha wrote in the card about how she was appreciative that her mother had given birth to her. She wrote about yearning to know her mother … Continue reading Dia De Las Madres

Debt of gratitude

That is what I owe my two grandmothers for instilling in me respect and curiousity about our family history. My parents as well, but as the matriarchs of our families, these two women have kept alive very important aspects of our family and culture. Grandma R started the Christmas Eve tradition of a typical Swedish … Continue reading Debt of gratitude

First generation

The sweet boy in the photo below is my grandpa Gerald Robinson, born in 1933. He is pictured with his father Glen Robinson born in 1912, his grandfather William Robinson, born in 1892, and his great grandfather Samuel Robinson, born Dec 22, 1858. The three younger Robinsons were all born in Minnesota, USA and Samuel, … Continue reading First generation